Bulldog Ghost

Collection: Cat overtaken by bulldog – Legend (ghost)

A: “Have you had any weird experiences? Something out of the ordinary? Or do you know of an unusual story?”

B: “My cat was overtaken by a bulldog. *laughs* So my cat was acting really weird for a few months, so my mom’s friend suggested that we call this cat doctor. I don’t know why, but my mom was like ‘Okay.’ So we called her, and she basically talked to my cat over the phone, and after awhile she said that ‘Your cat’s soul has been overtaken by a bulldog. A bulldog has died in your house, and it’s soul has taken over your cat’s.’ And after that, she talked and coaxed it out of my cat. So then, we contacted the former owner’s of the house, and a bulldog really did die in our house. It’s kind of weird. I don’t know if I believe it.”

Interpretation: The informant does not explicitly state that a ghost was involved in the dog’s shift in behavior. However, her reference to some sort of unusual spirit alludes to a folk belief in the possession of a soul. Ghosts and spiritual legends usually fall into the folklore category: legends. This is an example of animal folklore and legend. Further, the story alludes to a folk belief in spirits or souls after life.