Drinking Game – United States

Drinking Game- United States

“This drinking game is called Beer pong. The main equipments needed are 22 16oz plastic Dixie cups, 2 ping pong balls, beer, water, and a table, usually around 8 feet long. The basic rules are: you set up a triangle at both ends of the table using 10 cups at each end. With the remaining 2 cups you fill them up with water. The 10 cups are evenly filled up with 2 cans of any beer of your choice. There are 2 teams (of usually 2 but sometimes 1) at each game. The overall goal is to throw the ping pong ball into the other team’s cups. Every time the ball falls into a cup, that team has to drink that cup. The first team to eliminate all of the other team’s cups wins. The losing team has to drink the remaining cups of the winning team.”

Eric said he learned this game when he first came to college. It was a random night in his dorm room and some of the older kids wanted to play beer pong. This was when he first learned how to play. He said that at the beginning it was harder than he thought. However after playing for awhile, he got the hang of it and got pretty good. He said that there are a lot more specific rules to the game; such as if you bounce it in then it is 2 cups, you can’t lean forward, and etc. He said the rules really depend on your preference and the preference of the people you are playing with.

I actually really enjoy playing this game. I first learned how to play in my freshmen year. It was during spring break when I went back home. One of my high school friends was have a party at his house. It was there where I first learned how to play this game. A lot of the rules I learned there are similar to the rules I play now with my friends at the University of Southern California. Some of the rules were that “only bitches blow” meaning if you are girl you can blow into the cup to get the ball out; if you bounce it in, that’s 2 cups; if you make it in to the same cup, that’s 3 cups you have to drink, etc. I realized after playing many games of beer pong, that the rules are very similar and slightly vary. Each person has there own little ideas what the rules should be. Also, sometimes my friends and I would like to add new rules to the games such if you throw it off the wall or throw from really far and make it in then it’s 2 or 3 cups. So sometimes I like to change the rules around to make it more exciting.

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