I heard la Llorona


Where my dad’s from, there is a river which is supposed to be the river of where la llorona lives.  I actually heard the wailing sound of her crying for her kids.  I was five when I heard her. I was with my mother. This river everyone know that she lives in it. My family is from Colima. my mom heard to. I was very afraid.


Background info:

La llorana is a Mexican legend about a woman who kills her kids by drowning them and drowns herself. she than dies and regrets killing them so she tries to find her kids. She is known to cry by the rivers of many places is Mexico. This story in particular took place in Colima, Mexico and the informant says this story is really meaningful because he experienced the crying of the llorana first hand with his mother. They like this piece because it was one of the few memories he had with his mother before she passed away



This legend is one of the most famous around Mexico and has actually travelled aroundt he world by immigrants who tell of the llorona. This story particularly focuses on Colima which is huge for where the Llorona is actually originated from. In Colima there is a beach called  “playa la llorona” it is very big their and many people believe they hear wailing near the rivers of Colima.


My thoughts

I have heard this story so many times since I am Mexican myself. I also have relatives form Colima tell me that they have either seen or heard la Llorona when they were by themselves or with another person. It is very unexplainable and scary but one of the oldest legends from Mexico