I woke up in the middle of the night for some reason and I went to the kitchen and I saw my husband staring at me. He was smoking and I don’t like that he smokes inside of the house so I told him what are you doing turn that off and he just looked at me and you wouldn’t stop looking at me. He had such a scary look in his eyes and I started to get a scared and then he started to laugh. I then turn to the living room and I see my husband lying down on the couch sleeping and I run to him and I jump on top of him and I scream and I tell him wake up wake up and I told him what I saw and then that figure was gone.

Background: The informant experienced this encounter firsthand and she feels really strongly about this.  she believes that her husband at the time was allowing bad spirits and energy to get inside of him and manipulate him because of his regular drug use back then. She believes that bad spirits and energies come inside of you when you are doing drugs and sinning.  she says what she saw was a bad spirit doing the thing she hated him doing the most. it is very meaningful to her because she will never forget the face that looked back at her and looking at her actual husband sleeping on the couch. The house they were living in had bad spirits in it as well.  you would hear things at night and it was said when the land was bought out, they had found unborn babies buried in the dirt. It was said to be an abortion clinic when abortions were illegal.


This story  reveals a lot  of both haunting of houses and demons mixed together. The idea that the spirits of the babies and the oldness of the house haunted the informant made the idea of a demon entering more real. many demon stories do occur when something bad is traveling into  the house. This marriage was already bad and the alcohol and drug use would not stop. This can create tension and stress leading up to events that are difficult to explain