Proverb – Korea

Proverb- Korea

“? ?? ???? ???.

Nat nokko kiyuk-ja do morun-da.

One doesn’t know the “?(a Korean alphabet)“  even when looking at a sickle.“

My dad said he thinks he learned this proverb in high school from one of his teachers. My dad said that this proverb refers to someone who is ignorant. The sickle looks like the korean character?. It is saying that even when you are looking at the character, you don’t know what the character is. My said the main point of this proverb to teach kids to not be ignorant and to be aware of their surroundings

My dad has told me this proverb many times. To me, it mostly means to be aware of my surroundings. I really don’t exactly know what it means but I just know that it is suppose to teach people about ignorant. It talks about an ignorant person who can’t tell a Korean character when it is in front of him.

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