Slovenian holiday dessert

Potitza is a slovenian dessert bread.  Potitza is made much like regular bread, with yeast that rises, but lots of walnuts are used along with honey, so it is sweeter than regullar bread. The dough is spread out over a table and the filling is added.  Then the dogh is rolled up and baked, much like bread is.  Potitza is a peasant dish; i don’t know how many people in Slovenia today make it.  Maybe they just make it during holidays.

Maria learned how to make Potitza from her mother and father, who are Slovenian.  She makes it every year only during christmas time.  It often takes the better part of a day to make the Potitza, especially mixing the dough, spreading and flattening it on the table.  She only needs to make it once during the few weeks her children have off from school because it is a very large dessert. 

Maria always makes Potitza before christmas, but sometime during the month of december. St. Nicholas Day on December 6, is celebrated in many parts of Europe including the central European countries.   Potitza is often made around this time of the month, well before Christmas day.  This traditional food has been passed down from Slovenian parents to Maria, the only daughter.  While her brothers now of Potitza and its significance, they do not partake in the tradition themselves.