Superstition – Hawaii

Never take pork over the Pali.

Jillian grew up with the Hawaiian culture and accepts most of the superstitions that they believe.  She learned countless superstitions from her classmates that are all tied with various myths and legends involving gods of the island.  She explains the Pali as a windy mountain pass and cliff area in Oahu, Hawaii that connects to the other side of the island.  She says that it is known to never take pork over the Pali; nobody dares to bring it across because of the fatal consequences that could happen.  She heard a story that somebody once ate spam and crashed his care while driving over the Pali.  Even bringing pork in one’s stomach can be considered as taking pork over the pass, yet some people do not believe that carrying pork in one stomach is considered as bringing it over.  In any case, this high cliff area is an ideal place for people to have many accidents, and bringing pork over increases may risks including death.

Pork is a staple in Hawaiian cuisine.  Because any transportation of this popular meat is restricted, it is obvious that it is important to the Hawaiians to stick to these superstitions.  Even though most people will want pork, they are willing to give up an essential food to secure their safety while crossing the Pali.  Hawaiians often believe in the ancient superstitions, even if they do not know why.  It is similar to American superstitions such as “Never walk under a ladder.”  People do not know why they should not walk under a ladder, but it is just an action that people choose not to do.  These accepted superstitions are very common in Hawaiian culture and are followed so that they do not get any bad luck.  Luck is an indispensable part of the superstitions that they have, in which their actions revolve around pleasing the gods of the islands.  In Hawaii, the superstitions are very clear.  Most of the people do not dare to test the waters and see if it is really true, yet there is the superstition to blame if anything goes wrong while crossing.