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Chinese New Year

This is a transcription of an interview with a friend from high school, identified as A. In this piece, I am identified as IC. IC: So, tell me about Chinese New Year. Where does it come from? A: Lunar New Year is something that happens at the beginning of every calendar year and so it’s… Continue Reading »

Goodluck Dumplings

My informant shared a piece of Chinese culture she practices with her family during the Chinese New Year: Informant: Ok so for Chinese New Year, we make…the tradition is to eat Dumplings…and then we will hide one coin in one of the dumplings and whoever eats that dumpling will have good luck. Context: I was talking… Continue Reading »

Red Envelopes and Lucky Money on Chinese New Year

Main Text Subject: So…I think the idea is that…the rule that my family uses is, if you’re still in school…you receive. And once you have a job, like a full-time job, then you give. Um. And then so, when we were kids, like, each set of parents would usually give an envelope to each kid…. Continue Reading »