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Chinese Chopstick God

Background: My informant is a friend of mine of Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese heritage. His parents are both from Taiwan and are mixed between Chinese, indigenous Taiwanese, and Japanese. The purpose of the call was specifically so that I could gather folklore from my informant, and they were aware about that as well. The entire main… Continue Reading »

Haircut in the First Lunar Month Kills Your Uncle??

正月剪头死舅舅 Zhèng Yuè Jǐan Tóu Sǐ Jìu Jìu This is a Chinese saying that literally means “If you get hair cut in the first month of Chinese lunar calendar, your uncle (your mother’s brother) will die”.   Context: The collector and the informant were talking about weird Chinese sayings and customs heard from parents. The… Continue Reading »

Sleeping Near Air Conditioning System (Chinese Belief)

Context/Background: The informant is Chinese-American and grew up with different Chinese folk beliefs. One in particular, involves the idea that one cannot sleep next to air conditioning to avoid damage done to the face as heard from her mother. Informant: [Face-to-Face] “So, my mom, I think it was just because there’s this thing in China… Continue Reading »

Don’t Stab Your Food with Chopsticks – A Chinese Folk Belief

Item: Q: You said how you can’t stab chopsticks into food? H: 落去飯(lok6 heoi3 faan6), right? [Translation: Into rice right?] Q: Yeah, 飯 (faan6) or 嘢食 (je5 sik6) in general? [Translation: Yeah, rice or food in general?] H: 嘢食 (je5 sik6) or 飯 (faan6) or whatever.  Why? [Translation: Food or rice or whatever.  Why?] H:… Continue Reading »