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Cooties in New York

Context: Madeleine Hall was raised in New York City. In a hyper urban city like that, I wondered if she had any experiences with cooties. For me, cooties were associated with playgrounds and fields and wide open spaces–my memories being children chasing each other around. Transcript: Owen: Do you have any memories of cooties as… Continue Reading »

Cootie Shot

“We had this ridiculous thing in elementary school… where we had cootie… well we had cooties in elementary school… but we had this ridiculous thing called a cootie shot… did you have cootie shots” “yeah sort of” “It wasn’t even like… it wasn’t even like distributed or anything. it was literally… it was literally…just that… Continue Reading »


Collector: Talk to me about cooties. Informant: Like, it’s what younger kids, well like, boys and girls think each other have cooties because they don’t like to interact with other children of the opposite sex.   Informant is a freshman at the University of Southern California. She is studying Theater Arts in the School of Dramatic Arts… Continue Reading »


Sara is a very gossipy, religious, fun girl. Sophomore at USC, she’s in the Helene’s and a sorority. She’s from Anaheim, California. And she has an incredibly interesting memory and past. We all know and remember this one from grade school. Boys and girls at their toddler age played with each other like it was… Continue Reading »