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NK is my grandmother who was born and raised in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Being a local she knows a lot about the city and its folklore. She knows a lot about the local and traditional cuisine. Rozata is a very traditional dessert in Dubrovnik.   “Rozata is one of many traditional cuisine in Dubrovnik. This type… Continue Reading »

“Les Pets de Soeurs” : “Nun’s Farts”

Informant: “So, “les pets de sœurs,” it means “Nun Farts” it’s a traditional dessert in Quebec. They are basically a little pastry, kind of like a cinnamon roll, only um, more like a biscuit than a… you don’t use yeast, and its maple rather than cinnamon. To make it, you use pie dough, butter (2… Continue Reading »

Take From Life with the Small Spoon, not with the Ladle

Proverb: “Греби от зивота с малката лажичка, а не с черпака” Transliteration: Grebi ot zivota c malkata lazichka, a ne c cherpaka. Literal translation: Take from life with the small spoon, not with the ladle. Meaning: Don’t do so much at once that you can’t enjoy the sweetness of life. Analysis: This is a Bulgarian… Continue Reading »