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Layer Cakes

The following conversation is transcribed from a conversation between me (HS) and my friend/informant (AB). HS: So you have a certain tradition regarding birthday cakes in Denmark, is that right? AB: Yes that’s correct. We have something called layer cakes. The layers are split with jam and sometimes a sort of pudding in the middle… Continue Reading »


MAIN PIECE: Informant: Well at Christmas we’ll always have Buche de Noel… Which is a French dessert. It’s like, “Christmas log…” And it’s like a cake, and it’s like a roll, you know? Where you roll it up? And you decorate it to like resemble a log, and a lot of times it’ll have like… Continue Reading »

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Recipe – From Africa to NY

Context: Informant KC was a current undergraduate student at the time of this collection. In speaking with them about their childhood and upbringing in the east end of Long Island, NY, they disclosed a family recipe for a gluten-free chocolate cake that has become a staple when the family gathers at their home and eats… Continue Reading »

French New Year Traditions

The following is a piece from a friend whose parents are French immigrants.  I am represented by K and the informant is represented by I. Piece: K: Go ahead and tell me about your tradition. I: So, in January, the start of the new year, there’s a tradition called Gallete du Roi, which translates to…… Continue Reading »