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“When the tiger used to smoke” (호랑이 담배피던 시절)

Main Piece :  “호랑이 담배피던 시절” Original Script : 호랑이 담배피던 시절 Phonetic (Roman) Script : Horangee dambae pidun shijul Transliteration : When the tiger used to smoke Full Translation : Long, long time ago…  Context : My informant is an adult male who was born in the Gangwon Area of Korea, which is located… Continue Reading »

The OJ Simpson Metaphor

The informant (A.H.) comes from a Black Christian family. A.H. does not identify with Christianity. Now well retired from the game at 54 years old, A.H. played football in the NFL from 1983 to 1987; first drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles, then transferred to the Seattle Seahawks, and finally the San Francisco 49ers. Since then… Continue Reading »

I’m so hungry I could eat a corpse and chase the mourners

Informant: “I’m so hungry I could eat a corpse and chase the mourners.”   The informant is a young man who comes from suburban Mission Hills, San Diego and describes himself as relatively “quiet and introverted” and “nerdy” as well as very involved in politics. The informant is a sophomore neuroscience major at USC and… Continue Reading »