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Cutting Hair for Chinese New Year

[The subject is MW. Her words are bolded, mine are not.] ME: Can you tell me about a Chinese New Year tradition? MW: Chinese New Year, or Chinese New Year eve, we will put the whole table. Mother cook, or have the servant cook, all kinds of goodies, but we cannot eat first. But they… Continue Reading »

Haircut in the First Lunar Month Kills Your Uncle??

正月剪头死舅舅 Zhèng Yuè Jǐan Tóu Sǐ Jìu Jìu This is a Chinese saying that literally means “If you get hair cut in the first month of Chinese lunar calendar, your uncle (your mother’s brother) will die”.   Context: The collector and the informant were talking about weird Chinese sayings and customs heard from parents. The… Continue Reading »

No Hair on Foreheads

“It’s a common superstition in India, and it used to be taken especially serious in my house, that people shouldn’t keep their hair on their forehead, like it should be kept combed back because if your hair covers your forehead it will bring you illness in the future.  My mom used to make me do… Continue Reading »