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James Bond’s Backup Crew

The informant is a graduating senior at the University of Southern California, studying Creative Writing and Social Sciences with an emphasis in Psychology. She was born in Egypt and originally held Egyptian citizenship, but moved to the United States when she was quite young and is now an American citizen.

This piece relates to the informant’s father’s variation on James Bond stories.

“He also told me his version of James Bond stories, like to the best of his abilities. My dad’s not very good at remembering things. So, essentially, he made up a James Bond crew, um, including, what was his name? Moustafa Lookatmymuscles. [laughs] And he was basically this guy, who was um, he was the brute strength of the group, and he just lifted doors and opened things. And his last name was Lookatmymuscles, so. Aaaand, what else?

He [her father] was, he would just tell me and it started out with, “Little did you know about James Bond that he had a backup crew.” Cause we knew James Bond just fine. Um, and he would tell me about his muscles, and there was this brainy girl who like operated all the computers, and there was this other guy who rode horses, I think. And there was this other guy who was the guns, basically. Basically he was the physical gun. So, they all followed James Bond around and basically did his dirty work after he, like infiltrated things. And Moustafa Lookatmymuscles always opened doors cause his muscles were very useful for that. And he sounded a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger.”


James Bond’s backup crew interests me because it originates from authored literature rather a variation on existing folklore. What I find most notable about this piece is that the informant’s father brings in a female character and a character whose name suggests he may be from a similar ethnic background as the informant. This might allow the performers of this tale to feel more like an integral part of the James Bond narrative, which is known for featuring white men.


In this childrens hand game the goal is to “kill the other player”  Similar to rock paper scissors the game begins with a lead in, (the two players clapping their hands with each other three times) after the third clap the players than make one of three moves.

  1. Sheild – denotated by crossing your arms over your chest
  2. Gun – denotated with both hands in a hand gun gesture with thumbs up and pointers extended with the other fingers not extended
  3. Power up – denotated by making a thumbs up sign with both hands and bringing them above your shoulders.


  1. Sheild protects against gun
  2. Gun can only be used after it has been powered up once per use
  3. In order to win you must shoot on a turn where your opponent is not protecting themselves.

My friend called this game Zero – Zero – Seven (007) which seems to be a direct reference to James Bond.  I played it too as a kid but not with any specific name.   She said she played this game as a kid and when she was in india she taught it to a girl there.

The game is interesting cause it seems to be a more violent variant of rock paper scissors.  The James Bond reference is interesting as well because it is unclear if that name came later or the popularization of James bond is a terminus post quem.