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Miss Mary Mack

Background: My mother, the informant for this piece, tells me that it’s a handclapping game she learned on the playground while growing up in Cloverdale, California during the 1970s. Additionally, she notes that it was one of her favorite games which is why she remembers it so well. Context: This handclapping game is played by… Continue Reading »

Bo Bo Ski Rotten

Background The informant, Katie, is a childhood friend of the interviewer. They grew up next door to each other and have been friends for sixteen years. Context Katie discusses a childhood game that her and the interviewer used to play with their friends on the playground in Elementary and Middle School.  Transcript  “We would all… Continue Reading »


Background: Informant is a 22 year old male who has lived in California his whole life. Main Piece: Interviewer: Did you play any hand games that were not based off of a musical riddle? Informant: Yes, I remember playing a hand game called Slide. Well at least thats what we called it in school. Interviewer:… Continue Reading »