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I have to go to the bathroom.

“Knock, knock” “Who’s there?” “Banana” “Banana who?” “I have to go to the bathroom” This knock knock joke was collected in a second grade classroom in South Los Angeles. The active carrier of this joke was a student in that classroom who heard it from her neighbor while playing one day. After finishing the joke,… Continue Reading »

Interruptor Cow Knock Knock Joke

Information about the Informant My informant is a college student at a community college in San Jose. He’s an avid amateur photographer, and we know each other through going to the same online high school. His family’s very closely-knit, with his parents very involved in the lives of their children. I collected this family in-joke… Continue Reading »

“Knock Knock, Who’s there?………..”

This is another seemingly popular “knock knock joke provided me by my informant: Informant: say “knock, knock” Me: knock, knock Informant: Who’s there? [a long pause followed by laughter] Informant: Yep, that’s the joke!   In this joke, the teller attempts to invert the knock knock sequence, by attempting the get the other party to tell… Continue Reading »

A Knock Knock Joke Involving Cows.

Here is another knock knock joke, one which follows the standard pattern, but is more fun because it involves cows: Informant: Knock knock Me: Who’s there? Informant: Interrupting cow Me: Inter[MOOOOOO!] [a pause] Informant: You’re supposed to go “interrupting cow who?” and then I… interrupt them.   While the informant did not recall exactly where he… Continue Reading »