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Why Do Eskimos Wash Their Clothes in Tide?

Main piece: (The following is transcribed from a conversation between the informant and interviewer.) Interviewer: Can you tell me a joke? Informant: Sure. Here’s one my mother always told me. Do you know why the Eskimos warsh their clothes in Tide? Interviewer: Why? Informant: It’s too cold out-tide. (laughs) Interviewer: (chuckles) Wow. That’s uhh… that’s… Continue Reading »

Funghi; Fun Guy

Text: Question: What do you call a mushroom that likes to party? Answer: A fun guy. Context: SV is a freshman at the University of Southern California studying neuroscience. Befitting her scientific major, she remembers hearing this joke is biology class. This is one of her go-to jokes because, as she says, “I’m a sucker… Continue Reading »

“America versus Yogurt” Joke

Context: The informant is a 19-year-old student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and he is currently an Art History major at USC. I asked him if his family is one that passes around a lot of jokes, to which he immediately replied, “Oh yeah. My family is really into humor and comedy.” I asked him if he could… Continue Reading »

Nate the Snake

Subject: Folk Speech. Humor. Collection: “There were two towns that ruled all of the land, and every year… similar to Thanksgiving, they would battle it out for a day. One day the Western Kingdom thought to lace the Eastern Kingdom with explosives while all the townspeople were asleep and then blow up the town the… Continue Reading »

The Louvre Heist

The informant is a second year student at the University of Southern California, studying History. He is from Chicago, IL, and he lived abroad in Rome when he was younger. At USC, he is involved with student affairs and television production. This piece is one of the informant’s favorite jokes. “A bunch of art thieves… Continue Reading »