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Mexican riddle

Main piece:  The following was transcribed from a riddle between the informant and interviewer.  Informant: De qué color es el caballo blanco de Napoleon?  Interviewer: el color? Uhhh haber…  Informant: Hay de veras? Esta no la tienes que pensar! Ya ni laces! Interviewer: Ahh blanco verdad?  Informant: Pues si. De qué otro color podría ser… Continue Reading »

English riddle

Main piece:  The following is transcribed from a riddle the informant gave the interviewer.  Informant: A pine tree grows 10 pineapples.  Interviewer: Ok.  Informant: Two of the pineapples out of the 10 fall. How many pineapples are left on the tree? Interviewer: On the tree? Or are there?  Informant: Are there on the tree.  Interviewer:… Continue Reading »

A Plane Crash Riddle

Main Text: JM: “There was a plane crash. Every single person died, who survived? The answer would be every married couple because every single person died.” Context:  This riddle was collected from my 11 year old sister who is currently in fifth grade and about to go to middle school. When I asked her where or when… Continue Reading »

High School Senior Streaking Prank

IG: Ha, every year in high school in the spring the seniors would go to someone’s house who lived next to the high school and take off all their clothes and then we would run through the high school campus and it was really funny because everybody would leave class to watch us and then… Continue Reading »