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Ethiopian Anecdote – The Lazy Student

Main Piece  Once there was a boy who did not understand math. His teacher tried teaching him subtraction, but the boy would not understand. So, the teacher explained with an example. “If I have five sheep,” she asked, “and one of them leaves, how many sheep are left?” The boy answers, “no sheep will be… Continue Reading »

Proverb – Come and hit me bull

Context & Background: An example of a proverb similar to ‘asking for it’. Translated from Hindi to English.  Informant – collector’s father.   Performance: (in person) Proverb: “Aa Bail Mujhe Maar” Transliteration: Aa: come Bail: bull Mujhe: me  Maar: hit Translation: Come bull, hit me.    Explanation: When someone tells you this proverb it means that you’re… Continue Reading »

Mexican riddle

Main piece:  The following was transcribed from a riddle between the informant and interviewer.  Informant: De qué color es el caballo blanco de Napoleon?  Interviewer: el color? Uhhh haber…  Informant: Hay de veras? Esta no la tienes que pensar! Ya ni laces! Interviewer: Ahh blanco verdad?  Informant: Pues si. De qué otro color podría ser… Continue Reading »

English riddle

Main piece:  The following is transcribed from a riddle the informant gave the interviewer.  Informant: A pine tree grows 10 pineapples.  Interviewer: Ok.  Informant: Two of the pineapples out of the 10 fall. How many pineapples are left on the tree? Interviewer: On the tree? Or are there?  Informant: Are there on the tree.  Interviewer:… Continue Reading »