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Pirate joke

Background: Informant is an 18 year old Jewish-American from Chicago, IL. They have a background in theatre and loves to tell jokes with their family. The informant says that their father, an actor, told them this joke.

Informant: My dad told me this joke when I was younger and it is one of the first jokes I ever memorized and I liked it because it was inappropriate. If somebody asks me to tell a joke it;s the first thing that comes to mind veen though I know it’s not a good one. 

A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel in his pants. The bartender says, “hey why do you have a steering wheel in your pants?” and the pirate goes, “aaaaar it’s driving me nuts!”

Reflection: I really enjoyed hearing my friend tell me this joke because it was really cheesy and I ahd heard a similar one before. I thought it was interesting how they mentioned that they liked it as a child due to it’s inappropriate nature, showing how children often cling to taboo subjects. This joke is also particularly funny in how it relies on the person’s delivery to make the other laugh. It requires a sense of theatricality that my informant had!

A Pirate’s Favorite Letter

Context: The informant told this joke in passing, and I asked to hear it again because of the play on words.


Informant: “What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?”

Collector: “I don’t know… what is it? Is it R?”

Informant: “Arr you’d think so but me first love be the C”

Background: The informant, a 20 year old college student at Harvard, says is one of his favorite jokes and he tells it often to entertain his friends. He says that he found this joke on Reddit.

Analysis: In order to understand this joke, you have to have the preconceived notion that pirates a stereotypically shown to say “arr.” Therefore, this joke shows how as a society there is a unified understanding of the pirate stereotype and that there can be these jokes on it. This joke catches on because of its spin on the more obvious stereotypical saying by pirates. It demonstrates also how phonetic similarity can function as a joke when recited with another meaning/spelling.