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School Game- Spundalele

Context: My informant grew up in Texas during the ‘70s. In elementary school during integration, he was one of the few white students transferred from a white school to a black school. He recalls a game the black students taught him called Spundalele. The first time someone “spundaleled him” he was surprised and angry because… Continue Reading »


Context: PH is a 20 year-old student who lives in San Diego, California. She learned about the folk creature of the dropbear through her friend who is from Australia. She told me about it in an interview. Text: PH: my Australian friend tried to convince any non-Australian person she met about the existence of dropbears…. Continue Reading »

Office Folklore- Unicorn Death

Subject: Office Folklore. Pranks and comradery. Collection: “Interviewer: So… you have an employee in your office who is in a band… what type of music does her band play? Interviewee: Death metal. Interviewer: And what is the name of her band. Interviewee: Unicorn death. Interviewer: Now, for her birthday or before she’d go on tour,… Continue Reading »