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Office Folklore- Unicorn Death

Subject: Office Folklore. Pranks and comradery. Collection: “Interviewer: So… you have an employee in your office who is in a band… what type of music does her band play? Interviewee: Death metal. Interviewer: And what is the name of her band. Interviewee: Unicorn death. Interviewer: Now, for her birthday or before she’d go on tour,… Continue Reading »

Calera Pens Severed Testicles Prank

Tres, a cowboy that has worked on my family’s ancestral ranch for nearly twenty years, illustrated a commonly-occurring prank that occurs during the process of castrating and ear-tagging young cattle (calves) during the summer months.   To provide locational context: The calera pens, where the prank is most likely to take place, is an octagonal… Continue Reading »


The particular details and background of the following prank were introduced to me by a fellow student majoring in computer science.   The prank in question takes place on internet video platforms, most commonly YouTube, where viewers are led to believe they are accessing entirely unrelated material and instead are met with the surprise appearance… Continue Reading »