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Dalgona Coffee

CONTEXT/BACKGROUND:The interlocutor (EF) was living at home with her parents for the first part of COVID lockdowns. During the first few months, she took part in a popular TikTok trend of making “Dalgona Coffee,” a drink that originates from South Korea. DESCRIPTION: (told over the phone)(EF): “Okay, so at the start of quarantine, there was… Continue Reading »

Baking Challah and Learning New Bread Recipes During Quarantine

My friend baked a lot of bread after the USC autumn semester ended, and the kitchen filled with bagels, pretzels, pizza, focaccia and Challah. I especially liked the Challah, which maintained a doughy taste after baking. I liked the bread because it was dense. My friend topped his Challah with salt, poppy seeds and sesame… Continue Reading »

Car “Breeds” are Just as Important as Animal Breeds

Main story:  With the current 2020 outbreak of COVID-19, veterinary technicians (hereby referred to as vet techs) are still slated to go to work as animal care is finally looked at as essential by most all of the U.S. However, nobody outside of the people who work in the clinics are allowed into the clinic…. Continue Reading »

Quarantine Meme: Hand Sanitizer

Main Piece: Background: The informant and group of students in the chat respond and understand this piece because of its relevance. The young students feel a connection to the importance of hand sanitizer and also identify with the apple product AirPods. AirPods were an important new product circulating in 2019 which many students identify with…. Continue Reading »