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A Swiss Proverb

I don’t remember the context in which my friend told me this proverb but it had something to do with someone being rude to me and her advising me to ignore it and move on rather than take it to heart.  What she told me (translated from French) was:

The train of your insolence is riding along the tracks of my indifference.

In French it goes “Le Train de yes sarcasm’s role sue les rails de mon indifference”

She told when she was growing up in Switzerland her mother told her to tell this to a kid who was bullying her.  Whether it was her indifference or the poetic wording of her phrase that threw him off, she claimed that this worked and he left her alone after that.

The poetic speech of this proverb seems to heighten the message behind it.  The speaker is showing that they are above the person they are speaking too not just because they are not letting their tormenter bother them, but also in the way they speak.

“Ah, another day in paradise!”

This idiom reveals an element of the informant’s workplace culture. The informant divulged that this phrase is commonly said by exasperated co-workers and often accompanied by a sigh. This particular idiom is a sarcastic remark that serves as a reaction to the workplace pressure and the daily grind of listening to bosses’ demands, going to meetings, making presentations, ensuring that assignments are completed before they are due, and placating customers. This idiom is usually expressed by the employees as they walk past each other in the hallways or when one passes by another sitting at his or her cubicle. By sharing this sentiment in an open forum, those who say the idiom create a collective consciousness of the common pressures facing all who work in that environment in a showing of solidarity.