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The Frozen Fruit Cake

Main Piece: Informant describing a tradition from the theater at his high school: “At my high school during the fall play, there was this tradition of giving a frozen fruit cake to the favorite freshman by the senior class. The freshman was someone who was like really funny or helped out a lot or did… Continue Reading »

The Tradition Surrounding Mary Draper Ingles in Virginia

Main piece: “There’s this story from my hometown of Bradford, Virginia about this woman named Mary Draper Ingles who, during the 1750s, was kidnapped by a group of Native Americans. She might have had a child at the time, but she was kidnapped by these Natives and then eventually escaped and then followed the rivers… Continue Reading »

Theater Ghost Spotlight Ritual

Here is a transcription of my (CB) interview with my informant (AH). CB: “Can you tell me about that ritual for theater ghosts?” AH: “Uh so have you ever heard of the ghost light?” CB: “No” AH: “So its tradition in theater that when you shut down at the end of the night that you… Continue Reading »

The Fisherman and His Wife

Text: Informant: So anyways, it’s something to the effect of, I don’t remember it very well but it was, it was part of a theater thing that we did and apparently it’s a very old story where, like a fisherman catches like some magic fish that, he and his wife were kind of down on… Continue Reading »