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Finals Week Nude Run

Background:  DL is a man in his early twenties who attend the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. It is a small school with less than 3,000 students (mostly undergrad). DL is getting degrees in violin performance and gender studies. Context: “Dead week” is the typically week before finals, where classes are canceled so… Continue Reading »

High School Senior Streaking Prank

IG: Ha, every year in high school in the spring the seniors would go to someone’s house who lived next to the high school and take off all their clothes and then we would run through the high school campus and it was really funny because everybody would leave class to watch us and then… Continue Reading »

Streaking the Lawn at UVA

Abstract: This piece is about a tradition at UVA (University of Virginia) about streaking the lawn at the Rotunda, a very specific building on the campus. Main Piece: “L: So I don’t know if this is a custom or tradition or just a rite of passage, but UVA students do this thing where they streak… Continue Reading »

Streaking through School Assembly

Streaking Unofficial tradition/Practical Joke   My informant described a unofficial tradition in a school when talking about pranks. The following is a transcript of our interview: “During the assembly before Christmas – the SAC  (student activities committee, which is basically an amateur SNL) Christmas assembly, there is always a streaker. We do the assembly, unlike… Continue Reading »