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Blue Ghosts in Okinawa, Japan

AM: So, it was- like the first month or two when i moved to Japan and I was hanging outside at like…2am like at night in a park. Um, the military base we was staying on was built like near like Japanese Shrines and whatnot and they said that you know the shrines are haunted… Continue Reading »

Newton’s Law “Dad” Joke

KO: Ok uh, do you know what Newton’s Law is? VG: Yes. KO: Do you know what cole’s law is? VG: No. KO: You don’t know what thinly sliced cabbage is?   Background: Location of riddle: N/A Location of Performance – Classroom, Los Angeles, CA, late morning   Context: This performance was done in a… Continue Reading »

Krasue in South Asian Folklore

NC: So there’s this story about crossaway or crosu (Krasue) I don’t know exactly how to pronounce the name but in southeast asian folklore she is supposed to be a very beautiful woman and she’s only a head, so she’s a decapitated head and her entails are hanging out and she’s supposed to float around… Continue Reading »

Kagome – Japanese Children’s Game

NC: There’s a Japanese game that children play called kagome, um…so it’s-it’s really similar to ring around a rosey in that…um…it was based on…experiments that people were doing, so Ring around the rosie is about um the disease the bubonic plague but um uh kagome is about experiments that people were doing um on the… Continue Reading »