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Undie Run-UCLA Folk Tradition

Context: This is a folk tradition that occurs at UCLA during finals week as a means of blowing off steam, my brother learned this tradition as a freshman and gave his opinions on the tradition and its value. K: So ya….uh. Undie Run is basically a quarterly tradition at UCLA in which the Wednesday of… Continue Reading »

Stress Free Life

Original Script: “Ma cosa vuoi che sia” Literal Translation: “But what you want it would be” Meaning: “Don’t worry about a thing that is not important” Background Information about the Piece by the informant: “How do you say, I noticed, Americans can get very…stressed out…crazy…easily. Like the rush hour traffic I was telling you about!… Continue Reading »

Automatic 4.0 if your roommate kills himself

My informant heard a story about a college kid who killed himself and how his roommate then received an automatic 4.0 because of that. He liked it because it seems to offer a rare chance for free good grades since college work can be very stressful. At the same time, it’s more interesting because you’d… Continue Reading »