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MAIN PIECE:  Informant: For Christmas, ever since I was a kid, my mom would make, uh… Rigatoni… It was two dishes. One was Rigatoni alla Norma which is like, uh, an eggplant dish. It’s Sicilian and her dad like passed down the recipe. Um… And then she would also cook sausage and peppers? Which is… Continue Reading »

Italian Family tradition

I asked Mae her earliest memories of traveling to Chicago to visit her extended family, she responded: “My great- great grandma moved to the U.S. directly from Italy so obviously they had a really Italian family and they ended up living in south side Chicago. She owned chickens, and every Sunday she would go into… Continue Reading »

Stress Free Life

Original Script: “Ma cosa vuoi che sia” Literal Translation: “But what you want it would be” Meaning: “Don’t worry about a thing that is not important” Background Information about the Piece by the informant: “How do you say, I noticed, Americans can get very…stressed out…crazy…easily. Like the rush hour traffic I was telling you about!… Continue Reading »