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Undie Run-UCLA Folk Tradition

Context: This is a folk tradition that occurs at UCLA during finals week as a means of blowing off steam, my brother learned this tradition as a freshman and gave his opinions on the tradition and its value. K: So ya….uh. Undie Run is basically a quarterly tradition at UCLA in which the Wednesday of… Continue Reading »

UC Davis “Undie Run”

Background: The informant is an American UC Davis 2018 alumni who currently works as an actuary in San Diego, CA. He learned the tradition while attending university in Davis, CA, but never partook in it himself.  Context: The following piece was collected in a brief, casual over-the-phone interview. Piece:  Informant: “So around finals, usually like… Continue Reading »

Tradition – University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California

UCLA Tradition: The Undie Run This particular tradition is actually something I was able to take part in, even though I attend UCLA’s rival school USC. My brother enrolled in UCLA as a transfer student and therefore came in a junior. He commuted his first quarter, so it was not until his second quarter when… Continue Reading »