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The Unlucky Number Thirteen

Main Piece:  Subject: So Grandma Gordon was a very superstitious woman. She believed in many of the superstitions that have been passed along from the “Old Country” and carried forth through generations. Interviewer: The Old Country? That would be Russia? Subject: Yeah Russia. That’s probably ultimately where it came from. People really believed in a… Continue Reading »

4 Will Bring Death

The informant shares how the number four is a connotation for bad luck in Chinese culture. She shared this in a group environment, where another member of the group, ‘Support,’ provided additional information to what the Informant was sharing:   Informant: We also don’t like the number 4 Me: What’s the number 4? Informant: Like the… Continue Reading »

Unlucky Number Four

Informant: E, a 22-year-old Chinese-Taiwanese female who was born and raised in Los Angeles. She is currently a senior at the University of Southern California. Background info: E’s first language was English, but because her parents were immigrants, she quickly learned Mandarin as well. Her parents are proud of their culture, and thus they often participated… Continue Reading »