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Exchanging Senior Portraits – A High School Custom

Item: Q: Did you take prom pictures? T: Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Oh! Exchanging pictures, that’s something people do, like prom pictures and senior pictures. Q: Why do people exchange senior pictures? T: Oh bro Ion’ know. I actually don’t know. Like… like… cause yenno people, like, write little notes on the back of it? Q: Mhmm…. Continue Reading »

Charge Books – A Navy Chief Initiation Tradition

Item: T: The older chiefs will pass on the knowledge and the expertise to the new chiefs with the charge book, right? So then when you- before people in the old days, when you want to be chief you have to carry around a charge book to see all other chiefs to get the- collect… Continue Reading »

White Headbands – A Chinese Folk Belief

Item: Q: Why can’t you wear white headbands? H: 嗰啲 (go2 di1) white 係人地死咗人地 先戴白色吖嗎(hai6 jan4 dei6  sei2 zo2 jan4 dei6  sin1 daai3 baak6 sik1 aa1 maa3) [Translation: People only wear white when people die, right.] Q: 白色件衫定係 白色喺個 頭(baak6 sik1 gin6 saam1 ding6 hai6 baak6 sik1 hai2 go3 tau4) [Translation: White clothes or white… Continue Reading »

Challenge Coins – A Navy Chief Tradition

Item: T: Well, the challenge coin, it started during the war.  So.. the guys would go to the war, they come back, they bring stuff back like their.. their.. kind of their achievements, their, yenno, their bragging rights, right? Q: Mhmm. T: People bring in guns, ammo, explosive stuff so it’s kind of get danger,… Continue Reading »