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Shaving a Path to the Future- Congolese Funeral Tradition

Context: This is a tradition that takes place when a Congolese woman’s husband passes away. My informant [OD] learned of this tradition from her dad and witnessed it occur when her uncle passed away. What occurs? When her uncle died, her cousin[his daughter] and aunt[his wife] shaved their heads as a means of honoring him… Continue Reading »

An Irish Wake

Main piece: (The following is transcribed from a conversation between the informant and interviewer.) Informant: Grandpa, he always used to tell the story about the Irish – I’ve told you this one before – about the Irish wakes – cause the Irish always had the big parties. And, uhh, that was back in the days,… Continue Reading »

Open Casket Funeral Ritual

Main Piece:  Informant-  I recently attended an open casket funeral for a family member. It was a graveside burial in the farmlands of North Carolina. Due to COVID, it was an odd liminal time period and therefore no one was hugging. My parents and I approached the tent which held the casket and prepared to… Continue Reading »

Throwing A Pinch Of Salt Over The Shoulder – Buddhist Tradition

Main Piece:  Subject: Um… I really don’t know the origins of this one… but… I believe it’s Buddhist or like… Asian. If we’re coming back from a funeral, a graveyard, or anything related to dead people, we don’t enter the house before throwing a pinch of salt over both of our shoulders. And it’s supposed… Continue Reading »