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A Ship Must be Christened

Main Story:  The following is a conversation between the informant and myself. The informant will be CP and I will be MH.  CP: Before a ship’s maiden voyage, a woman has to christen the ship.  MH: What does that mean?  CP: The tradition of christening or blessing a ship before its first voyage started centuries […]

Krasue in South Asian Folklore

NC: So there’s this story about crossaway or crosu (Krasue) I don’t know exactly how to pronounce the name but in southeast asian folklore she is supposed to be a very beautiful woman and she’s only a head, so she’s a decapitated head and her entails are hanging out and she’s supposed to float around […]

La Llorona

Interviewer: You said you had a ghost story? Informant: Yeah… so La Llorona is supposed to be this woman somewhere in Mexico who was married and had two kids. Her husband either cheated on her or did something similar to anger her. She was super angry at her husband, and, trying to figure out a […]

La Llarona

INFORMANT: “So, La Llarona, sometimes in English it’s referred to as “the Woman in White,” and basically it’s a story about a woman who, um, was in love with a man but he didn’t love her back so it was unrequited love, so she drowned her two children in the river in order to be […]