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Hitchhiking And Serial Killers In The U.S.

Informant’s Background: My informant, DK, is a undergraduate student at Arizona State University studying aerospace engineering. He lives in Tempe, Arizona. His family is American and he was born and raised in Arizona, where he has lived his entire life. Context: My informant, DK, and I are friends, after meeting online through a mutual friend… Continue Reading »

Hands on the Plane – Travel Superstition

Context: Informant MW lived in America at the time of this collection. MW frequently travels to Zambia to work for her family’s ministry located there. Traveling to Zambia requires multiple flights. When speaking with MW, they shared with me a travel superstition that they learned from their parents. Text: The belief is that “you must… Continue Reading »

Don’t sneeze before you leave your house

Context & Background:  KR – informant and friend from college of the collector. They share the same ethnicity and often talk about the similarities in their lives. SD – collector  Performance: (via FaceTime) KR: As you are leaving the house, if you sneeze, you have to drink water or eat something, and wait a few… Continue Reading »