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Disease as a result of Possession

Text: BH: “So when I got chicken pox in like 7thgrade, no wait 10thgrade, yeah, and I remember we came back from the doctors’ with medicines and everything and my mom called my aunt and said “she has chicken pox”, which implied uske andar mata aa gayi hai [she’s possessed by the mata] so for… Continue Reading »

Indian Wedding Custom: Stealing Shoes

Text: BH: “So one of the wedding rituals that all, or like most, of the Indian weddings have, is the joota churai [shoe stealing] of the groom, so basically the [to-be] sister-in-law that uh, whenever, so Indian wedding require you to remove your shoes whenever you enter into that pandar [ceremonial area] where the groom… Continue Reading »

Moonlit Lakes and the Lies Men Tell: Indonesian Folk Song

Text: SL: “So another like, poem, I guess you could call it, that my grandma taught me was this one – it’s um – “Terang bulan, terang di kali Buaya timbul disangkalah mati Jangan percaya mulutnya lelakilaki Berani sumpah ‘tapi takut mati” SL: “So it starts off like really poetic – the moon is really… Continue Reading »

Abandoned Nunnery in Oklahoma

Text: KM: “Apparently there’s this like abandoned nunnery out somewhere in Tulsa, and I had a couple of my friends who got there, obviously trespassing to this place. But it was like, I don’t know, but there were rumors that there were like tapes that were still there even though the place was like abandoned… Continue Reading »