Baba Yaga

Main Story:

“I heard this story from your great grandparents who were from Ukraine. It’s famous it’s called Baba Yaga, I was also told it was called The Witch. But pretty much… If I misbehaved as a kid my great grandparents would say the Baba Yaga or Witch will find me and capture me and take me to her hut in the woods. They also told me when I was behaving well that the Baba Yaga would bring me, sweets. Today, I heard Baba Yaga is a witch in the woods who eats people, but I had never heard that as a kid. It was pretty much if I was good Baba Yaga would reward me and if I was bad she would capture me. Luckily I was never taken away to her hut in the woods.” 


I asked my father about stories that had been orally passed down to him from his parents or grandparents.


I had heard of Baba Yaga before I asked my father, I was interested in the fact that his grandparents used Baba Yaga in a very different way than most people. They used it as an incentive rather than a scary story to tell children.