Daeboreum “Great Full Moon Day”

Informant is a Korean born immigrant who went to primary school in Korea and college in Hawaii lives in Los Angeles

Folk belief as told by informant: On Jan 15th ‘Full Moon Day’ – if you go to sleep early on this date, your eyebrow will turn into to a grey color.  So we used to stay up and play believing that don’t happen.

I believe this was one belief that wasn’t upheld once my mom moved to the United States. It was more prominent when she lived in Korea. After doing some more research there a few other things Koreans practice on this day. Some people crack nuts with their teeth because they believe doing so will strengthen their teeth and give them good healthy teeth. People who live on the countryside climb the highest mountain to see the full moon. Apparently whoever is the first to see the full moon is granted good luck for the entire year.