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Advent Spiral

Content: Advent Spiral Informant – “The Advent Spiral is a somber ceremony for grades 1-8. It happens in the winter. Fresh pine boughs are laid in a large spiral in the center of a dark room. Paper star mats are spaced out equidistantly along the spiral. In the center of the spiral is a single… Continue Reading »

Norwegian Apple Peel

Something I learned from my Norwegian grandmother. She made lots of apple desserts, especially apple dumplings, which required whole peeled apples. We used paring knives to peel the apples, and she would tell us that if we were successful in cutting away the peel in one continuous spiral, and threw it over our left shoulder, the… Continue Reading »

California Agricultural Festivals

My informant is originally from Santa Rosa, CA, where she grew up with some small town community ideals and in particular, festivals and annual gatherings. She noted that there were three festivals that everyone she knew always attended, and that if you didn’t attend, it was questioned why. They were family events, and when one… Continue Reading »

Story Closure – Armenian

Story Closure – Armenian “At the end of a story or fairytale that a mother tells her child, she always ends with: ‘Three pomegranates (or sometimes apples) fell down from heaven. One’s for the story teller, one for the listener, and one for the entire world.’” The informant was unsure as to why her mother… Continue Reading »

Proverb Parody – American

The informant says he learned the following proverb parody from “social interaction at some point” but doesn’t remember exactly where: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but only if you aim for the head.” The informant claims that he “normally wouldn’t” perform the proverb parody unless someone else brought the proverb up first…. Continue Reading »