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Dia del Niño

Background: Informant is a 22 year old first generation Mexican American. Main Piece: Interviewer: Are there any special holidays or traditions that you celebrate with your family? Informant: There is a holiday called Dia del niño which is celebrated on April 30th in Mexico. We don’t live in Mexico but we still celebrate in on… Continue Reading »

Black Joy Parade

Context: The informant is my sister (LC) who lives in Oakland and has become an active participant in the community. Main Text: “A celebration that I attended was this one in Oakland called ‘The Black Joy Parade’ in February. The celebration uses joy as a form of resistance to celebrate all the achievements and culture… Continue Reading »

Russian New Year’s Eve Food

Context: The informant is a Russian-American-Bulgarian woman who spent the first half of her life in Russia. She currently resides in Boston, MA and the interview took place over zoom in which I interviewed her about the Russian folklore that she grew up with and that she feels represents the Russian people and culture. Transcribed… Continue Reading »

Irish Sing Song

The Main Piece:  The following is a conversation about an Irish tradition called Sing Song.  Informant: Sing Song! Ya they’re just kind of automatic after dinner. There can be a conversation but like it’ll just naturally go towards like “oh hey I heard the new single the Foggy June” and someone will be like “Oh… Continue Reading »