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Armenian Proverb About Reputation

հոգի գնա, ոչ թե անունը Transliteration: hogi gna, voch’ t’e anuny Translation: The soul can rise, but the name stays. Better to die than to have your image/name tarnished. Background Information: Armenian proverb used by Armenians around the world. Context: I was told this proverb by the informant when I was interviewing him about his… Continue Reading »

Traditional Armenian Dish

Պասուց Տոլմա Transliteration: Pasus Tolma Translation: Lent’s Stuffed cabbage Description: Pasus Tolma is a popular Armenian dish which is a lent classic meal that most Armenians eat not only for lent but also year round. Pasus Tolma can be see seen on the table’s of any Armenian gatherings such as birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s Eve,… Continue Reading »

Armenian Superstition About Newborn Babies

Explanation: Armenians have some superstitious custom not to show or introduce a newborn baby to friends, neighbors, or extended families for the first 40 days. It is believed that this is done for the safety and medical precaution for the baby, but it can also be done to protect the baby from the evil eye/… Continue Reading »

Armenian Legend of Akhtamar

Ախթամար Transliteration: Akhtamar Translation: Oh Tamar Description by Informant: There was an Armenian Princess named Tamar who lived at Lake Van which is a historic lake in Armenia. She was in love with a common man (a peasant). According to legend, the guy would swim from the island to mainland to see Princess Tamar. Tamar… Continue Reading »

Armenian Pomegranate Symbol

Նուռ Transliteration: Noor Translation: Pomegranate Description: In Armenian mythology, pomegranates symbolize fertility and good fortune and the guarding of the evil eye. At a wedding, a bride throws a pomegranate and breaks it into pieces. The scattered seeds symbolize that the bride will bear children. Also it is believed that women who want to have… Continue Reading »