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Danish Christmas Almond Game

A Christmas Eve tradition. Text: Informant: As far as traditions like that. My aunts are Danish, and we do this thing on Christmas eve where every person gets this like lemon dessert. Everyone in the house gets one, and only one has an almond underneath. I’ve never known what it’s supposed to represent or whatever,… Continue Reading »

Soren Banjomus

Skillema-dinke-dinke-du, skillema-dinke-du! Hør på Søren Banjomus, han spiller nemlig nu. Skillema-dinke-dinke-du, skillema-dinke-du! Kom og syng og dans med os, det syn’s vi, at I sku’. Vi glæder os til juleaften, så bli’r træet tændt, og vi får fine julegaver, ih! hvor er vi spændt. Skillema-dinke-dinke-du, skillema-dinke-du! Bar’ det altså snart var nu. Interviewer: What is… Continue Reading »

Christmas Eve Dinner (Danish-American)

The informant describes how his Danish family celebrates Christmas each year in San Francisco.  The informant details the Christmas Eve dinner and a game involving rice pudding and an almond at the end of the meal.  The informant explains that he learned this tradition from his Danish family and has partaken in the tradition every… Continue Reading »

Danish-American Christmas Stockings

The informant grew up in Northern California and has two parents who were born in Denmark.  The informant explains that his Danish parents continues many traditions from Denmark today. The informant details his family’s Danish style stockings used for Christmas at his home in San Francisco.  The informant explains that he learned this tradition from… Continue Reading »

“Danish Birthday Song”

            The informant’s maternal ancestry hails from Denmark, and although she has never lived in Denmark she has visited the country several times for extended periods and has maintained a strong Danish cultural presence in her lifestyle, especially around the holidays. For example, she strings up miniature Danish flags around her Christmas tree each year… Continue Reading »