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Interviewer: You said you had a family recipe? Informant: So you take a piece of meat, usually it would be turkey or pork, but it could be whatever honestly. A lot of people use chicken. You first flatten it out by hitting it, so you basically make it into a flat piece of meat. Then,… Continue Reading »


Interviewer: Got any Czech traditions or beliefs you could tell me about? Informant: Sure, yeah there are some cool ones. So, we have one called “Jinxing”. Basically, when somebody predicts something positive about the future, anyone in the room should knock on an object made out of wood, in order for it to come true…. Continue Reading »

Pomlázka Celebration

Informant: On every Easter Monday it is a Czech tradition for men to create a Pomlázka, which is an approximately one meter long wooden stick. This stick is then used to whip women on the butt. The whipping is traditionally accompanied by a song, its purpose is to cleanse the woman of diseases and they… Continue Reading »

The New Priest

Informant: So.. I have a joke about a priest if you want to hear it. Interviewer: That sounds great. Informant: So there’s a new priest that is taking over a church after another priest that is retiring. The old priest is teaching him about how he runs the church. “The most important part” he says… Continue Reading »