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Mexican proverb

Main piece:  “El que mal obra, mal le va”  Transliteration:  He that wrong does, wrong you goes Full translation:  He who does wrong, wrong he does  Background: My informant was my dad. He was born in Mexico City but moved to LA at the age of 15. He brought this proverb up during a conversation… Continue Reading »

Buddha Crossing the River

Context: The informant is a student at USC studying Bio-Chem. In this account, he recalls religious stories that he heard. In the transcript of our conversation, he is identified as S (storyteller) and I am identified as C (collector).   C: Do you have any stories like from your childhood or from growing up? Anything… Continue Reading »

Turkish Maturity/Repetition Proverb

Informant: D, a 23-year-old, Turkish male who grew up in Turkey until he turned 8 before moving to the United States. He now lives in Boise, Idaho, but spent a lot of time with his mother, who only spoke Turkish until Devran was 16. Background info: D’s first language was Turkish. He and his mother would… Continue Reading »


The informant was born and raised in Colorado. She all her life has used proverbs that her grandmother taught her to develop relationships. Her grandmother helped in assisting her by giving her proverbs to live by that apply to any situation and any human. “A dog that brings a bone takes a bone” Informant… When I… Continue Reading »