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King Elephant

Context: I had met with one of my friends for lunch, and we got to talking about games we had played as children and teenagers.   Interview: Informant: Here’s something that came from the theater world. It’s a game called, I’m gonna go with “King Moose,” no it was “King Elephant.” I’ve played this game… Continue Reading »

Riding the Pony

“One of them, our biggest one, was called ‘Riding the Pony’ and you might’ve, I might’ve told you about this before, or something, or you might… other people do it too. Yeah, it’s a bunch of people standing in a circle and then people will go in the middle, like 5 or 6 people will… Continue Reading »

Jump, Shake Your Booty

My informant has been a dancer since elementary school, and currently dances with her performing arts high school. She told me the following piece of folklore about a pre-performance tradition: So, after everyone gets ready and is about to go onstage for opening night before a show, everyone like gets together in a big group,… Continue Reading »