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Ukrainian WW2 Joke

Informant’s Background: The informant, in this case, is my father, F, who was a first generation immigrant born to an Ukrainian/Scottish family in Canada in 1950. His family was poor and working class, and he lived in Canada for many years before attending schools in England, and eventually moving back to Canada before moving with… Continue Reading »

Ukrainian – Reuse Of Food Storage Containers

Informant’s Background: My informant, AK, is a undergraduate student at the University of Southern California. He is a first-generation immigrant, and the child of Ukrainian and Russian parents. Context: I am a close friend of AK. I asked him if he had any folklore he could share and this was what he gave me. Performance:… Continue Reading »

Ukrainian Eggs

Description of Informant NM (49) is a Massachusetts native living in California. He commits to a regular exercise routine and owns/operates a metal decking supply firm. NM enjoys strategy games, world news/current events, and participates in a weekly chess match with friends. —  Context of Interview The informant, NM, is met in his garden by… Continue Reading »

Ukrainian Wedding Tradition

The following is transcribed from an interview between me and interviewee, referred to as MT.  MT: In my country, when someone wants to get married to a girl, they have to first barter for her with her neighborhood, essentially. Usually the neighborhood people ask for booze and money and then in exchange they’ll let her… Continue Reading »

Ukrainian Lover has been Stood Up Song

Main Piece: Ukranian Lover’s Song Original: Ти казала в понедiлок – пiдем разом по барвiнок. / Я прийшов, тебе нема, пiдманула, пiдвела. Ти ж мене пiдманула, ти ж мене пiдвела. / Ти ж мене, молодого, з ума розуму звела. Я ж тебе, Я ж тебе, пiдманула, я ж тебе, я ж тебе, пiдвела. / Я… Continue Reading »