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Ukrainian Wedding Tradition

The following is transcribed from an interview between me and interviewee, referred to as MT.  MT: In my country, when someone wants to get married to a girl, they have to first barter for her with her neighborhood, essentially. Usually the neighborhood people ask for booze and money and then in exchange they’ll let her… Continue Reading »

Ukrainian Lover has been Stood Up Song

Main Piece: Ukranian Lover’s Song Original: Ти казала в понедiлок – пiдем разом по барвiнок. / Я прийшов, тебе нема, пiдманула, пiдвела. Ти ж мене пiдманула, ти ж мене пiдвела. / Ти ж мене, молодого, з ума розуму звела. Я ж тебе, Я ж тебе, пiдманула, я ж тебе, я ж тебе, пiдвела. / Я… Continue Reading »

Ubmyit: Drinking tradition

  My informant invited me to join in a tradition. The following is transcript of our interview:   “ Informant: I just bought a new car right? So to commemorate the day, we do this thing called “ubmyit” which literally translates “to wash” but basically entails us taking a shot of vodka to commemorate the… Continue Reading »

Ukrainian Legend: “You Steal My Pig, You Choke On It!”

Interview Extraction: Informant: “My grandma who was living in Ukraine had many domestic animals. And one day one of her neighbors stole one of her pigs.  And she says, ‘Well it’s my pig. Just give it to me back.’ And he said ‘Nope. I went to the market, like farmers market during the weekend and… Continue Reading »