The figure in the shadows


I was walking with a bunch of friends through a very haunted area In my hometown. This area had been known for being haunted and a lot of things would happen especially at night. This area was sort of a bridge that separated two different pueblos. There was this huge tree it was about 6ft tall and people would see figures and shadows of people and that weren’t actually there. I actually experienced all of this and everybody who was there saw the same thing so this was very real to me. I was around 12 years old and we were walking around we weren’t expecting anything to happen we were just walking and as we were passing we saw a huge Shadow but the shadow was covered in what seemed like a white cloth and it was like a shadow that was stood right in front of us and flew up into the tree and everybody started screaming and we started to cry. The fact that everybody saw this kind of scared a lot of people and will you believed in there was something that happened here that was not okay.  I had heard a lot of stories that someone was killed there or multiple people were hung on the tree so that made me believe that the shadow was a representation or a ghost that was hung there once. The history of it is unclear and I don’t know if it’s still hunted like it used to be because it’s been years that I’ve gone to Mexico.


Background Info:

The fact that everybody saw the ghost made the informant fuel rui not crazy end also they really feel like the story is Meaningful to them because it was there first and last time having an encounter like this a paranormal encounter that couldn’t be explained. The idea of a ghost is very scary for many people but actually experiencing it and seeing something unexplainable can shock people especially if others were there to experience the same thing and be able to share that experience with them.



This is a typical ghost story with the idea of something happening there that was not good and that the ghost don’t have peace with themselves which is why that this area is very haunted. The idea of seeing figures and people that aren’t there it’s usually what happens and go stories that you see something that looks like a person but is it actually there.