My boyfriend moved out of his house and his little sister always said that she saw like an older man in the around the house But not and then his mom got engaged in the hurt so her fiance like moved in with his kids and his youngest daughter also like just randomly like was really scared to at the end of the hall she saw a man and yeah so then like they’re like oh my God what’s going on. So then like you’re like oh my God what’s going on and then they like we’re getting ready to move out of the house because they were moving to a bigger house and things started happening like more often like like they would like Got to the point where Daniels little sister didn’t even want to stay at the house anymore because things would happen so frequently. One day they had all went off to work and his mom and there was a dead bird like a pigeon in the very center of the driveway in the middle of the garage and it has lit body like it look like it had been cut in two. They moved out because it was witchcraft.

Background : This story was from the informants boyfriend, and she really likes it because it is important to notice signs of witchcraft when you see them. This story had a lot of significance for the informant because it was so closely related to her boyfriend and his families safety.

Context: Mexican witchcraft is usually about someone cursing you and signs fall out of the sky via birds and murder. There are a lot of signs of witchcraft and when someone dos it on you. Mexico is a huge beleiver of witchcraft and witchery which should be avoided at all costs