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Jumping Fire: Persian New Year

The Folklore: K: Would you like me to tell you about a Persian New Year tradition? E: Yes, please do. K: Every Persian New Year everyone  jumps over a burning fire. A contained fire of course. E: Does everyone participate? K: Older people and young children don’t. But those who aren’t sick and are able […]

Chatsworth Trainwreck Haunting

The Folklore: E: Are there any strange ghost related phenomenons in the valley? C: Yes, there is a popular belief that after the Chatsworth train wreck, the railroad has been haunted by the ghosts of the people killed in the wreck. E: What event triggered this urban legend? C: In 2008, a train derailed and crashed […]

La Llorona: A Hispanic Woman in White Tale

The Folklore: E: What is the story that you wanted to tell me about? A: What I’m about to tell you is the story of how a popular ghost phenomenon came to be.  So there was once this woman who had gotten so distraught at her husband’s infidelity that she drowned her children. Realizing what she […]