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Jumping Fire: Persian New Year

The Folklore: K: Would you like me to tell you about a Persian New Year tradition? E: Yes, please do. K: Every Persian New Year everyone  jumps over a burning fire. A contained fire of course. E: Does everyone participate? K: Older people and young children don’t. But those who aren’t sick and are able… Continue Reading »

Chatsworth Trainwreck Haunting

The Folklore: E: Are there any strange ghost related phenomenons in the valley? C: Yes, there is a popular belief that after the Chatsworth train wreck, the railroad has been haunted by the ghosts of the people killed in the wreck. E: What event triggered this urban legend? C: In 2008, a train derailed and crashed… Continue Reading »

Tuberculosis in Swedish Nursery Rhymes

The Folklore: I en sal på Lasarettet I en sal på lasarettet där de vita sängar står låg en liten bröstsjuk flicka blek och tärd med lockigt hår. Allas hjärtan vann den lilla där hon låg så mild och god. Bar sin smärta utan klagan med ett barnsligt tålamod. Så en dag hon frågar läkarn,… Continue Reading »

La Llorona: A Hispanic Woman in White Tale

The Folklore: E: What is the story that you wanted to tell me about? A: What I’m about to tell you is the story of how a popular ghost phenomenon came to be.  So there was once this woman who had gotten so distraught at her husband’s infidelity that she drowned her children. Realizing what she… Continue Reading »