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There Was a Little Girl

Background: My informant in this case is my grandmother, who learned this rhyme from her mother and believes it was learned from her mother before. From what I know, that side of my family hails from Ireland which is likely where the rhyme originated. Context: This piece was usually used as a nursery rhyme and… Continue Reading »

Chic-ory Chic

Background: My informant, who is my grandmother, learned this nonsense rhyme from her mother, who used it as a lullaby when she was a young girl. She has since passed it on to her children and grandchildren, remembering it as a source of nostalgia and for the satisfaction of its recitation. I also remember that… Continue Reading »

Iranian Nursery Rhyme

Main Piece Original Script Phonetic Script Pinky miguyad, “boxzarit dozdi konam” Angoshte halghe miporsid, “che chizi ra mitavonim bedozdim?” Angoshte vasat eztehar mikonad, “chizi bozorg va taloey” Angoshte eshare miporsid, “che kasi pasokhe khoda ra midehad?” Angoshte shest pasokh midahad, “man boyad zira man bozorg va ghavi hastam.” Transliteration Pinky said, “let me steal do.”… Continue Reading »

Ambarabà ciccì coccò

Main piece: «Ambarabà ciccì coccòtre civette sul comòche facevano l’amorecon la figlia del dottore;il dottore si ammalò ambarabà ciccì coccò!» Transliteration: Ambarabà ciccì coccò, three owls on the dresser, which made love with the doctor’s daughter; the doctor got sick, ambarabà ciccì coccò. [there is not a proper translation as also in Italian it does’t have a… Continue Reading »

La bella lavanderina

Main piece: “La bella lavanderina che lava i fazzoletti Per i poveretti della città. Fai un salto, fanne un altro, Fai la giravolta, falla un’altra volta. Guarda in su, guarda in giù Dai un bacio a chi vuoi tu” Transliteration: The beautiful washerwoman who washes the handkerchiefs for the needy of the city. Jump, jump another… Continue Reading »